Abs, Butt & A Little Extra

A dynamic class full of movements that will effectively tone your abs, booty, legs and arms. These intense exercises are designed to sculpt those troublesome zones into shape.

Ballet Barre Burn

Bring out your inner ballerina. This is a killer workout to add variety to your strength-training regimen. Exercises are designed to strengthen and stretch every major muscle group and believe me you will sweat.

Belly Afro Samba

A combination of 4 distinctive dance styles from different parts of the world. Belly dance, Brazilian samba, Polynesian dance, African and Bollywood. This class will introduce you to a new way of combining all four styles into an incredibly intense fun cardio workout to great music. You will literally dance, sweat and stretch your body into shape and have lots of fun doing it.

Boot Camp

This fun yet hardcore training class utilizes athletic skills, drills, plyometrics and discipline to take your body through the ultimate test of fitness.  Be commanded through this challenging workout including multi-intensity aerobics, sprints, circuits, push-ups, sit-ups, jump-rope and weight training. This class will use powerful motivational tactics, which will help you “Be your best you” !

Booty Bounce

How low can you go? Tone your booty and legs while mixing it with a high energy “Miami Heat” style booty dance routine. Do you really got back, baby?

Box 180

This high powered workout mixes classic boxing techniques with various conditioning and strength exercises to challenge your muscular, cardiovascular and mental endurance. You will mountain climb, push up, jab and uppercut your way through a physically exhausting 60 minute workout set to an ever-evolving beat thumping playlist. You are guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face and a sweat soaked body begging for more. Bring on the Sweat Party!


Are you looking for a total body workout that totally kicks butt? If so, this class combing elements of boxing, martial arts and aerobics is for you! A way to increase stamina, flexibility and strength while listening to your favorite dance music.


Brazilian Butt

Shift your rear in to top gear and get a sexy & shapely butt. This class tones your butt in all directions to lift, tighten and shape.

BUTI Fitness

BUTI is a high-intensity workout that fuses yoga and dance with circuits of plyometrics and conditioning. Classes range from 60 minutes and consist of deep stretching, BUTI shaking and heart-pounding cardio. BUTI dance moves are taken from various styles that focus on an intense shaking of the hips (and BUTI) including Miami Booty Dance, Brazilain Baile Funk, Hip Hop, Crunk and African Tribal. BUTI is sure to get your energy high and your abs tight!

Fizzique Stretch & Burn

A deep stretch and target muscle conditioning class, created for for the everyday woman, who wants that professional dancer’s body.

High Intensity Reformer

Take your Pilates training to another level with this challenging class! Weights are integrated into the class along with innovative exercise sequences that will sculpt and burn your muscles. Expect plenty of repetitions and demanding exercises sure to keep you on your toes!

Hip Hop

This is a great, high energy, sexy, and fun class! Whether you are a clueless newbie or a professional dancer, you are sure to burn fat, improve your cardiovascular endurance, gain flexibility and learn how to project and move like the sexy powerful woman you really are! All that with a great flow, leaving your mind’s worries behind. Alongside the great new video vixen moves you’ll learn, our instructors will teach you how to dance from your heart, not just your body.

Hot Seat

Learn a sexy dance routine while incorporating the ‘core moves’ with a chair and getting a full body workout by using your body weight for resistance. You will be guided through a series of chair warm-ups, sultry dance choreography while using the chair as a prop. For once, your man’s going to LOVE to be in the Hot Seat!!!

Intro to Pilates Reformer

A prerequisite for new students to Pilates Reformer. This class will help familiarize students with the equipment, verbal cues and basic exercises.

Intro to Pole Dance

This class is strictly for newbie’s that have no prior experience on the pole. In this class, you will learn a sexy warm-up, how to walk in your heels, floor work, and start the pole exercises that will get your body ready for those spicy tricks you’ll be learning on your IronFlower  journey. This class is a pre-requisite for all other pole dance fitness classes.

Iron Power Blast

An intense total body conditioning workout.


Kickboxing blends athletic drills with martial arts to create an intense and fun cardiovascular workout. Our typical kickboxing class begins with a five to 10 minute warm-up that involves large muscle movements to increase blood flow and heat up the muscles. The main portion of the class involves combinations of punches and kicks that are usually repeated multiple times to ensure mastery. Class concludes with a three to five minute cool-down that involves static stretching of the hips, shoulders and core. 

Mat Pilates

If you want that long lean look, this class is for you. Pilates shapes bodies! Through a series of mat exercises that focus on the muscles that support the spine (the neck, shoulders, abs, hips and thighs), your body will become fitter, stronger and more attractive. Pilates slims the muscles and makes them more compact, developing sleekness rather than bulk. This practice concentrates not only on strength but also flexibility and coordination.

Pilates Reformer

Considered a mind, body and spirit workout.  The smooth, almost dance-like motions and an emphasis on proper breathing leave participants feeling refreshed and open.  The exercises require concentration, control, precision, specific breathing patterns and dynamic, fluid movements.  Deep abdominal muscles remain fully engaged during the workout, while torso, arm and leg movements are performed against spring resistance. Whether you are getting in shape, rehabilitating from an injury or chronic pain, training for an athletic competition, improving your sports technique, or just looking for an interesting, new physical challenge, this class is for you!

Pole Dance

One – Seven (1 -7) • Angel Level One (1) • Angel Wings Choreography Level One (1) • Cherry Level Two (2) • Cherry Bomb Choreography Level Two (2) • Scarlett Level Three (3) • Scarlett Fever Choreography Level Three (3) • Bambi Level Four (4) • Candy Level Five (5) • Lola Level Six (6) • Roxy Level Seven (7) 

Leave your worries at the door! These classes are open to everyone. Stilettos optional. Each new level builds upon the last level; classes must be taken and completed in sequential order. Levels 1- 2 (Angel and Cherry) will help you become comfortable with the pole and learn basic tricks and transitions. Once you reach the 3rd level (Scarlett) you will begin to polish and perfect all tricks and spins. and you will have gained the upper body strength you need to begin the climbing series – Levels 4-7 (Bambi, Candy, Lola and Roxy) You’ve accomplished so much, but there are plenty more “poles” to climb ladies!  

Don’t let this sexy workout fool you… pole fitness is definitely a challenging way to overall tone your body, lose weight, increase strength and flexibility. Pole dancing has now become one of today’s leading forms of exercise, practiced by women of all cultures, ages and sizes. What could be more fun than making new friends, while spinning on a pole? After just one class, your confidence will be soaring high… on all levels!

Pole Pop

Get ready to Pop yourself into shape by combining dance moves and exercises! Pole Pop offers a variety of choreographed movement to your favorite music of yesterday & today. Each class will teach 2-3 pole tricks which will be incorporated into an upbeat dance routine. All levels welcome!

Power Vinyasa

You will be guided into breath-synchronized movements (Vinyasa) and postures while focusing on breath awareness and strength. Power Vinyasa promotes flexibility, balance, cardiovascular endurance and an overall movement meditation flow. This invigorating class cultivates inner peace while building strength within the body, mind and spirit.


Rock Hard Workout

The class is a fun kick your butt workout designed to rev your metabolism, shred & cut sexy muscles, & make you firm up & get defined like you’ve never imagined! Set to hot club beats, this metabolic workout incorporates Intervals of traditional cardio sculpting, functional exercises, plyometrics, core work, kickboxing & dance followed by a floor segment for core, sculpting, abs and stretching.

Salsa w/ Salsa Kings

Salsa Kings Dance Studios is proud to be the only dance studio chain with World Salsa Federation certified instructors offering you Cuban-style “partner-dancing” salsa lessons in the group format as opposed to traditional Rueda. If you enjoy aesthetic movement, are open to new experiences, and looking for the finest instruction in the industry, you have found the right place. Salsa Kings offers the highest quality lessons for all ages and complexity levels, from beginner to advanced. With something for everyone, we welcome you!


A strength training workout that combines flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning using light free weights designed to shape and tone the body without building muscular size or bulk it helps retain lean muscle tissue while boosting metabolism.

Self-Massage & Body Rolling

Introducing the first class where you will learn self-massage techniques utilizing foam rollers, tennis balls and rolling pins to release muscular tension (knots). Improve your flexibility and posture by holding trigger points throughout your body as well as breaking up adhesions in connective tissue. You will be astonished by how quickly a little self-massage and body rolling can improve the quality of your movement and how you feel



Spinderella is not your ordinary indoor cycling class! This class is a great way to get a vigorous workout by burning calories and keeping your legs and butt muscles in shape. Fusing intense climbs, pauses, and intervals while listening to tracks that blow your mind, this class will really pump your body and soul to push harder through your workout.


Come sprint, climb and coast your way to ultimate fitness. This indoor cycling class provides a fun and challenging cardiovascular workout for all fitness levels. Participation in the Spinning program will enhance your speed, strength, stamina and improve your overall physical health while increasing your caloric burn.



Loosen up your buttons and learn to tease and please through a sexy-hot choreography you can take home to your “Prince Charming”. Giggle your way through this fun, yet sassy routine, where you’ll build up confidence and add spice to your life… in and out of the gym.

TRX Suspension System

In using the TRX suspension system, your muscles have to work in three dimensions, so all your supporting muscles have to engage, and body weight acts as your resistance. The TRX is versatile and suitable for all types of exerciser; incredibly challenging for the experienced and advanced buff, to even the seniors with weak upper body strength. Best of all, the TRX is fun, and so versatile, your workout time flies past – which is great for those people who easily get bored with normal fitness regimes.